Friday, January 13, 2012

Chen / Theatrics - High Drama

The rich influence of art and textile that left its imprint on fashion and the feminine mystique grabs you in the dramatic play of the rich red silk and the beauty of nature and the drama of the quilting—forming a melodius symphony.

スリム美人 * China Doll - Color Me Pink

Pretty in pink—girl next door Audrey Hepburn- ingenue sensible yet flirtatious and demur, playful with notes of color and authority. Notice the strong asymmetry of the bold black accents. You must live a life of influence.

ginkgo d'Oro / Mission Accomplished

Miss gold finger. Mission accomplished you secret weapon, your sexy smile. Dazzle him with personality and why not be deliciously theatrical wrapped in the luxury of a sure sleek fitting jacket in soft woodland colors with dramatic gold notes.

Spanish Harlem / Sambalicous

Smile, you caught his eye. Mother would say go slowly, but be bold and make a statement. Never say never when it comes to sensual and flirtatious. Wearing this sexy white sambalicous jacket, invite him for dinner.

Rouge Tenty-Cinq

Couleurs du Coeur

Chrysanthèmes en Blanc